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We will design and deliver the perfect learning solution for your initiative, drawing on our massive content library and flexible learning delivery platform.
What is Microlearning?


Learn from over 180 expert coaches who have done the research, written the books and implemented their ideas in organizations like yours.
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2,800+ video lessons include bullets, transcripts, closed-caption text and pragmatic steps for implementing the concepts within your organization.
Performance Oriented
They've done the research, written the books, implemented their ideas in hundreds of leading organizations and taught what they have learned to thousands of managers worldwide. Now your employees can learn management skills from these same esteemed experts, without missing a beat. Over 180 business authors, consultants and coaches provide over 2,800 microlearning videos and hundreds of articles on leadership, customer service, sales, career building, creativity, finance, teambuilding and more.
Not abstracts or cartoons, but lessons from the thought-leaders themselves. Athena's expert-driven microlessons are short (usually under 5 minutes), actionable and can be leveraged in numerous ways to help spread knowledge throughout your organization. An administrative dashboard lets you quickly see how lessons are being used so you can see the bottom-line impact.
Our customized solutions include a full portal designed to support your internal performance and development initiatives. Athena also offers a SCORM compliant content license to work with your existing Learning Management System. Lessons come with closed caption and transcripts to support different learning modalities and they can be viewed on mobile devices for those employees on the go.

100% Hosted

MyQuickCoach is a hosted, Software as a Service, cloud-based solution. That means we'll deal with the IT headaches while you enjoy using the site.
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2800+ Lessons

Wait, make that 2902. The point is that our library of faculty and content is always growing to meet the needs of a rapidly changing workforce.

Track + Report

We're not trying to be 'big brother' or anything, but if you want to know how people are using the tools you're providing, then we've got numbers.


Game elements increase engagement. People can level up based on what they have done. You pick the levels and descriptions. No plumber suit needed.

Share Playlists

Microlessons can be shared with others individually or within a playlist, even if you're sending it to someone without MyQuickCoach access.


Latest browser standards to deliver video and user experience without the need for third party plugins.