Bite-Sized Learning at a Micro-Price

Lunch and Learn custom page

If you are new to microlearning or looking to deliver a bite-sized learning solution to your entire organization on a budget the AthenaOnline Bite-Sized Leadership pilot program is designed for you.
Athena has curated some of our best microlearning video lessons and put them into specially designed, custom-branded pages which we call our Bite-Sized Leadership series. Each month we will feature a different business skill with lessons hand-picked by AthenaOnline for their impact and effectiveness. In less than 45-minutes per month your employees will be able to view short, implementation-focused lessons from best-selling authors, consultants and coaches.
You can measure the impact of the Bite-Sized Leadership lessons in your very own administration dashboard, so you know that they are working.
70% of learners turn to search engines for training due to fewer resources available in the workplace.

Topics covered

Maximizing Productivity

Leading and Coaching Others

Career Development



Decision Making

Healthy Relationships

Strategic Thinking

Leadership Presence

Building Trust

Creativity + Innovation

Influence + Persuasion

22% improvement in information retention when using microlearning versus traditional training.

A few details

The cost is only $475 per month. Not per person, but $475 for your entire organization! That could be just pennies per employee for monthly access. You can cancel at any time with no further commitment. Should you decide you want to take the learning even further you can take the paid-in amount of your Bite-Sized Leadership license and apply it to a fully-curated content license or learning portal solution at any time during the 12-month program.
There is a one-time setup fee of $450. You're welcome to add the Bite-Sized Leadership pages to your LMS, but the page and the microlearning content are not SCORM compatible. If you would like SCORM compliant content then please explore our curated content library.
If you're looking to get a lot of microlearning impact for very little money, this may be just the right program for you.

You can expect what you inspect

It's important to know who is doing what, so usage is tracked and displayed in a convenient dashboard. Information can be exported for use in reporting applications.
Dashboard for learning metrics
Views by date/time

Views by date/time

Total views per lesson

Total views per lesson

Download data

Download data