AthenaOnline has been producing video and multimedia projects for over 20 years. We were pioneers in launching online video and mobile applications, having done both before YouTube or smart phones were ever a part of the vocabulary. Athena has created three award-winning interactive programs, numerous online courses, and almost 3,000 online videos. We've learned a lot along the way. If you want to take advantage of that knowledge we would be happy to share.

Our crew can make your corporate video look like a blockbuster with professional shooting, compositing, editing, digital effects and audio. Want to take it to the web or DVD? We can help you with that too.

We'll work with you to understand not just what you want to film, but what you want to create. We'll share ideas and past experiences to make your project be the best it can be and accomplish your objectives.

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knowledge: helping employees grow

Anyone can shoot video. All it takes is a video camera right? True. And anyone with a sharp knife can be a surgeon, but would you really want them to operate on you?

Shooting good video and making it look right requires experience and talent. You need to understand composition, sound, lighting, color, and even how frame rates and shutter speeds interact. Want to shoot on a virtual set? Then there's even more to learn. Need it for the web or for mobile devices? Get ready to learn about codecs, containers, and bandwidth issues. Better yet, why not just call us?

AthenaOnline's crew can help answer your questions and produce your project, on time and within budget. Our green-screen studio is perfect for single person interviews, training or sales videos, and uses top of the line HD camera and audio equipment. Need a location shoot? We can do that too. Editing, compositing, special effects? No problem.

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Sometimes you need more than just a beautifully produced video. Maybe you need it to work on the web, or talk to a database to provide feedback on people's responses - especially important if you're creating a training course that needs to record user interaction. AthenaOnline has you covered.

Our AthenaOnline team consists of Adobe Flash and database developers who understand how to make your project work in today's web-based, cloud enabled, multimedia world. From design to development we can help you outline your outline your objectives and discuss ways to accomplish your goals. They can explain the benefits and drawbacks of certain approaches and help you build a back-end that you'll be proud to show off.