For as little as $3 per month your employees can get advice and guidance from some of the world's leading business coaches. The winner of two Top Training Product awards from Human Resource Executive, MyQuickCoach from AthenaOnline brings together over 150 top executive coaches and breaks their knowledge down into bite-sized, video-based coaching modules called SmartBytes that will increase employee performance.

With over 2550 SmartBytes available, MyQuickCoach has advice that can help build almost any competency, from time management to strategic organizational renewal. SmartByte coaching modules are supported with bullets, animations, tools, and even transcripts so people can take the information with them.

The ability to share SmartBytes through email helps internal coaches who are working with others, trainers working with groups, and even peer coaches who are helping each other, to disperse these bits of knowledge with ease and speed. Those being coached can even receive the coaching modules without being registered on the system.

The MyQuickCoach platform also helps leverage your internal coaching network by allowing employees to become peer coaches and offer their expertise to others in your organization. When an employee searches for advice they will find information not only from Athena's expert business coaches but from fellow employees as well. Users can also add their own lessons to help make coaching even more social.

As an administrator, you are allowed the control and flexibility to monitor progress and further it along by personalizing it for your own organization. Usage is tracked with two separate applications to make sure you get the information you need to measure the success of your program. Customized questions may be asked at the end of modules to see how employees plan to implement the new concepts and skills they have gained.

Coaching modules can also be licensed separately for integration with your existing Learning Management System (LMS), training portal or Microsoft SharePointâ„¢ applications.

For individuals and small groups, our MyQuickCoach public site includes access to the entire coaching library and some of the features of our enterprise sites. For more information contact us.