AthenaOnline is a sister company to the institute for Management Studies, which has been delivering world-class executive education programs to multinational organizations since 1974. Athena was founded in 1994 to leverage new technologies offering knowledge to a broader range of learners in the business world.

Over the years AthenaOnline has been written about in Fortune, Wired, and numerous Human Resource publications, in addition to winning numerous awards and accolades. Athena has continuously pushed the envelope with its innovate projects, starting its online video delivery system even before YouTube.

AthenaOnline's new Leveraged Learning (L²) delivery program, launched with its sister company IMS in 2011, is paving the way for even greater innovation in executive education.


It's important not just to have the right product or service; you need the right people as well. That's why AthenaOnline is proud to work with a team of exceptional educators, programmers, video producers and artists.

Over 125 world-class faculty and thought-leaders have worked with AthenaOnline to capture their knowledge and deliver it to thousands of learners around the world. Educators like Drs. Marshall Goldsmith, Judith Bardwick, Vijay Govindarajan, Beverly Kaye, Russell Ackoff and David Ulrich are just a small sample of the great minds that have lent their expertise to Athena's ever-growing leadership library.

Athena's board of directors has a tremendous depth of knowledge in education, business and technology. Their expertise keeps Athena focused on creating breakthrough services that continue the mission to leverage technology for learning and development.

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With AthenaOnline, the phrase 'clients as partners' truly embodies the way we work. From the very beginning Athena has involved its clients in the design and delivery of new technologies and services. Their expert input is invaluable and their success is ultimately ours as well.

Two of Athena's guiding principles for learning are relevancy and immersion. Deliver what people need, when they need it, and find ways to empower them and involve them in the process of learning. Athena also believes that learning is a journey and not a race. It is an ongoing experience that shouldn't stop at the time of delivery. Athena is constantly looking for approaches to help people leverage knowledge in new ways, including social learning.